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A: Bachelors Degree in psychology, social science or related field
B: One-year experience or part-time equivalent working with persons having mental disorders.
C: Current CPR certification and First Aid Certification
D: Certification must be kept current as a condition of employment.
E: Strong knowledge of housekeeping duties.
F: Strong knowledge of food handling and hygiene standards
G: Must be able to assist clients with food preparation, cleaning, daily life skills coaching
H: Must be physically and mentally able to assist in an emergency situation.
I: Must have the ability to monitor medication use with appropriate documentation.
J: Must have a TB screen within the last year or able to get one within 7 days of hire.
K: Valid California Drivers License, vehicle insurance and ability to provide transportation.

Reports to: Program Director

Supervisory Responsibilities: None

Personal Qualifications:

A: Possess a genuine interest and concern for the welfare of the clients.
B: Possess ability and interest in acquiring professional growth through continuing education.
C: Have ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with all center personnel, professional staff, representatives from government and community agencies, clients and their families and the public.
D: Possess an understanding of professional boundaries between clients and staff.
E: Must be a team player, adaptable to changes and able to work in a multidisciplinary team setting
F: Be able to write in a legible and coherent fashion.
G: Must be able to establish strong rapport with clients and a positive connection

RA Duties:

A: General Client Duties and Program Procedures:

  1. Maintain awareness of client safety at all times.
  2. Remind clients to come to meals and take medication.
  3. Make sure administrative office and medication closet are locked when no employees are occupying the office.
  4. Must be able to protect confidential client information and medication at all times.
  5. Must be able to follow detoxification procedures, as directed.
  6. To ensure that medication requests are responded to promptly and executed in a manner that complies with the dosing instructions.
  7. Keep accurate records for client’s medication use and maintaining accurate medication count. This includes documenting medications correctly at the time of admission, accurate completion of medication logs, recording information on the refill tracking sheet and recounting medications accurately using appropriate documentation.
  8. Assist with urine analysis drug screening when directed.
  9. Take and record vital signs, height and weight, as directed.
  10. Check clients for medication compliance and drug seeking behavior (watch for palming, pocketing and checking).
  11. Food preparation (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages) as needed
  12. Assisting with facilities maintenance and house keeping tasks, which include but are not limited to: kitchen, family room, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, office, linens/laundry, organizing inventory of food & supplies, keeping outdoor yard tidy and other tasks as needed.
  13. Provide reliable and safe transportation to appointments and activities
  14. Assistant with office duties, as requested by administrative staff.
  15. Supports the line of authority and organizational chart.
  16. Gives appropriate feedback regarding the condition of clients to the Program Director.
  17. Provides for the psychosocial needs of clients and provides support in the form of listening (non clinical, non problem solving support)
  18. Coaches & assists clients with self-care tasks (i.e, meal preparation & clean up, housework, grocery shopping, managing money, occupational counseling, using technology, transportation in the community, personal hygiene and health management).
  19. Provides high-end hospitality with professional, attentive and courteous service that ensures the clients welfare, comfort and a positive treatment experience.
  20. Admits, transfers, and discharges clients as assigned:
    a) Put all client related documentation in appropriate section of chart and med binder
    b) Pack belongings, strip bed and wash linens when necessary.
    c) Inventory personal belongings upon admission and upon return from passes.
    d) Completes room walk through upon discharge and records any relevant information.

B: Documentation

  1. Completes appropriate forms and documents each procedure.
  2. Accurately charts observations on assigned clients using correct charting format.

C: Clients’ Welfare

1) Client Supervision

a) Supervises clients during meal times and meal percentages.
b) Monitors unusual or high-risk behavior and reports concerns to Program Director.
c) Searches belongings for contraband, if appropriate, in a respectful manner, according to center                  policies and procedures.
d) Participates and assists in client activities as assigned. Encourages all clients to follow program                 guidelines and rules.

2) Provides for the safety and security needs of the clients.

a) Assists as directed in psychiatric and medical emergencies.
b) Completes resident rounds, room searches, and keeps resident rooms tidy.
c) Screens visitors and adheres to “guest list”
d) Enforces program policies and procedures, as directed.
e) Responds to resident complaints immediately and reports relevant concerns to Program Director.
f) Other duties as assigned by management.

D: Training / Communication Duties

a) Participate in weekly RA trainings and reviews work related emails in a timely manner.
b) Responsible to implement new protocols and view training aids (videos, handouts & emails)
c) Responsible to communicate effectively, timely and professionally using appropriate documentation procedures (i.e., communication log)

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to: