A Recipe for Success in Addiction Recovery

by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. Recovery from Addiction: One Person’s Recipe for Success Arguably the most meaningful aspect of working in a helping profession is receiving updates of success.  With permission from the individual and after removing identifying information, this week’s

linda lewis recoevry maintenance counselor

Linda Lewis: “I Swore it Would Not Happen to Me.”

Linda Lewis shares her story. by Linda Lewis, Recovery Maintenance Counselor for Practical Recovery I’ve been preparing for my role as an addiction counselor all my life. From the time I was born, I was surrounded by people with addiction

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On being a SEN Master, Part 1

Dr. Horvath looks at healthy habits in recovery and describes what it means to be a SEN Master in part 1 of this 2-part series.

Finding ways to maintain recovery and mental health during seasonal changes

Defend Your Recovery and Mental Health During Seasonal Changes

Shorter days, less sunlight and less time spent outdoors can cause a bit of a negative shift in our mood. Here are 6 tips to help you cope.

Slipping in Drug Alcohol Recovery

Staying Positive After a Slip

Have you recently relapsed? While it can be challenging, it is often beneficial to stay positive after having a slip. Here are 4 tips for doing just that.

Recovery Maintenance Plan

The Recovery Maintenance Plan: Much Bigger Than Relapse Prevention

A year or so ago Practical Recovery began using the term recovery maintenance in place of relapse prevention. Why? Because it fits our model so much better.

Staying Friends with Using Buddies

In early recovery, many people face a choice: whether to continue friendships with people who may still be using or to end those friendships in order to protect their own sobriety.

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The After Party: Building a New Life in Recovery, Part I

In this part of a 3-part series we cover the six pillars of building good habits. Adapted from Dr. Tom Horvath’s book “Sex, Drugs, Gambling, and Chocolate.”

Learning to Cope With Urges to Drink

Advanced Strategies for Coping with Urges

Adapted from the SMART Recovery Handbook, 3rd edition, pages 36-37 In Changing Habits: Learning to Cope, we covered the 14 basic strategies recommended by SMART Recovery for coping with urges. Here, we cover 4 advanced strategies for overcoming urges to

higher satisfaction

Higher Satisfactions

Higher satisfactions come not from a quick fix, but from enduring relationships with others as well as productive activity.