Considering Alcohol Rehab?

We specialize in treating alcohol abuse and the reasons behind it.

Deciding to seek treatment for alcohol can be daunting, but getting treatment doesn’t have to be. The right rehab can help you identify and address the underlying reasons you drink, which makes it easier to address the drinking itself. If you’ve been thinking about making a change, now is the time to do it.

Benefits of Practical Recovery’s Unique Treatment Process:

  • aober acitivities san diegoFlexible length of stay – Get home in time for the holidays
  • Intensive treatment – Get what you need in a shorter period of time
  • Evidence-based, non 12 step treatment that works
  • Address underlying depression and anxiety
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication if needed
  • Learn to identify triggers (boredom, environment, stress, etc.) and learn new coping methods for successful recovery
  • Continue your success back home with coordinated aftercare
  • Most PPO insurance plans accepted


  • ¬†Stay active with outdoor activities in beautiful San Diego
  • Private facilities and mostly single rooms
  • Laptop and cell phone friendly – Stay in touch with work, family and friends
  • Personal chef accommodates any diet for optimal nutrition and health


Call us for more information about our inpatient treatment or outpatient options.

“And yes, there are sure to be some rough spots as I travel down my road. But I feel empowered to take life on… on its terms… You have shown me how to live a balanced life, and for that, I am forever grateful.”
– Practical Recovery Alumni