Jessica Sperber, MD Psychiatrist

Dr. Sperber has a private practice where she sees people for psychotherapy and medication management. She enjoys working with people with mood and anxiety disorders, as well as those with difficulties with relationships, coping skills, and general sense of self. She has a special interest in working with people with chronic pain, chronic medical conditions, and addictions. As a psychiatrist who is also a psychotherapist, She is able to think about people psychologically as well as biologically and this better informs her understanding of the person.

As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, she pursued her interest in pain and studied neurobiology. In medical school, seh completed one year of clinical research at the UC San Diego Center for Pain Medicine. During her final year of residency training, she was Chief Resident of the La Jolla VA Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program where she gained extensive experience working with people with substance problems. She has also completed advanced training at the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center.