Joanne Wolf, Ph.D. Licensed Consulting Psychologist

Dr. Wolf has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1992. She has worked at UCSD, in a group practice, in private practice in San Diego, and led workshops to help women heal from trauma. She has a special interest in helping women recover by helping them uncover the roots of their trauma, discover their strengths and use what is healthy within them to heal.

Dr. Wolf is certified in EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is an effective way of processing emotional-cognitive information related to trauma. EMDR is based on the adaptive information processing model. The idea is that we are naturally inclined to process our experiences and store memories in a productive and useful way. At times, especially when we experience trauma, we don’t store information in healthy ways. Symptoms that come from trauma, can lead to PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. When we have maladaptive experiences stored emotionally, and in our nervous system, they can be triggered by life events and create emotional fear and pain. Through EMDR, dysfunctional memories that are stored can be healed. Like our bodies are geared to want to heal from a cut or physical trauma, our nervous system wants to heal too when given the chance, and EMDR can help.

In general, her approach to helping as a therapist is to find the healthy ways we have engaged in life and use those strengths to help understand, uncover, and dismantle what is creating anxiety, depression, and other emotional pains in our life.