Mojgan Jahan, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Mojgan Jahan is a clinical psychologist with over 22 years of experience in a variety of clinical and organizational settings. In addition to her Doctorate degree, she has two Masters degrees. She assists clients to gain a clear perspective on becoming confident and balanced in their private and professional lives.

Dr. Jahan is passionate about helping clients set personal goals. She supports them in overcoming obstacles to realizing their dreams. These obstacles often involve unacknowledged limiting beliefs and assumptions. She has a deep appreciation and respect for each person’s individuality which is reflected in her warm and informal interpersonal style.

She has a special interest and expertise in leadership and organizational development, with a focus on providing a safe environment for people to realize their potential, and to work and live meaningfully and in alignment with their core values.

Dr. Jahan’s areas of specialty include addictive behaviors, trauma, EMDR, personal growth, and midlife transition. Her approach integrates cognitive behavioral, schema, narrative, and psychodynamic modalities. She has extensive training and teaching experience in multicultural counseling and is bilingual in English and Farsi. PSY19101