Richard Levak, Ph.D. Licensed Consulting Psychologist

Using the results of the MMPI-2, the world’s most widely used personality test, Dr. Levak is able to understand his clients’ personalities. Rather than employing a “one size fits all” approach, he can build on this accurate framework to understand how they are likely to interact in a relationship and what kinds of problems they will tend to have individually, as a couple and even in the workplace. He is known for his straight forward, practical, non-judgmental approach and has been very successful, even with the most skeptical clients.

Dr. Levak has been a consultant to reality television programs almost from the beginning of that genre, and has worked on Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Apprentice and others. In this role, he made highly accurate predictions about people’s behavior based on personality assessment and was able to assist the producers in assembling casts that captured America’s interest. He also serves as an expert witness in forensic cases and has a growing practice in organizational consulting, assisting businesses with executive hiring, development and team building.