Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D.
Registered Psychological Assistant

Dr. Thaddeus Camlin initially learned about Practical Recovery working as a teaching assistant with Dr. Horvath and joined PR as a clinical intern in June of 2014.

Dr. Camlin started his career as a mental health worker at a locked psychiatric facility.  Since then, he interned at a crisis house, an inpatient substance use and eating disorder facility, and a behavioral health hospital.

Dr. Camlin completed undergraduate work in psychology and theology at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He earned his doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.  He completed his graduate studies with an emphasis in integrative psychology and wrote his dissertation on people who took ibogaine to interrupt a pattern of opiate use.

Dr. Camlin believes the most important aspect of being a clinician is the ability to connect with others in a meaningful way.

With each encounter, he seeks to understand and empathize with a client’s unique situation.

Practical Recovery is important to clients and Dr. Camlin because it offers a self-empowering approach to helping individuals accomplish their goals rather than telling people what to do.

In his spare time Dr. Camlin enjoys hiking, mountain biking, camping, music, film, writing, road-trips, and dogs.  Career goals include helping to improve the standard of substance use treatment while promoting an understanding of substance use as an adaptive effort to manage life problems rather than an inherent defect in an individual.