Linda Lewis Relapse Prevention Counselor

Ms. Lewis provides Relapse Prevention counseling. She uses cognitive-behavioral techniques to help clients maintain lifestyle balance, and identify high risk situations and alternative methods for coping with them. She also provides life coaching, and is certified as a coach practitioner by the Certified Coaches Federation. Before entering the counseling profession Linda was a Certified Property Manager and President of a real estate management company. Along the way she also overcame her own addiction problems. In 1997 she changed careers, to help others benefit from the insights gained from her own painful background. In 2000 she also co-founded the Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation, named for her 17 year old sister, who along with their mother was killed in a domestic violence incident. The Foundation helped disadvantaged parents overcome addiction and domestic violence problems. Her workshop, Courage is Contagious, has been presented around the country, and she has been a featured speaker at the Million Mom March in San Diego and Washington, DC.