Recovery from Addiction: Forgiving Yourself

Learning to forgive yourself in recovery is essential. Learning to forgive yourself is essential as you begin to do more self-healing in your recovery.  We often have a tendency to hold ourselves to such strict standards that we find no

Woman challenging irrational beliefs

A Look at Irrational Beliefs

Irrational beliefs are those that are untrue, don’t make sense, or are harmful to us. Here are 4 common beliefs and some suggestions that might help you challenge them.

We Can Get Addicted to Anything

Addictions typically develop to substances or activities that make us feel good. For instance, alcohol can relax us and cocaine can make us feel energized and happy. Substances that influence emotion because of their biochemical effects are called psychoactive. Even substances which are not

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Labels in Addiction and Recovery

For some of us, there comes a time when we wonder if we are drinking too much, or using drugs too much. In our society, the next thought typically is, “Am I an alcoholic or an addict?”  This question naturally

Gambling addiction football and money in stadium

Gambling: Fun & Games or Dangerous Addiction?

How do you know if your gambling is becoming a problem? Here are 7 signs that might signify a gambling addiction. Learn to recognize the signs and get help.

drunk man in bar in winter

Drinking More During Fall and Winter Months

Do you drink more alcohol in the fall and winter months? Determine whether the increased drinking is a problem and what you can do if it is.

Finding ways to maintain recovery and mental health during seasonal changes

Defend Your Recovery and Mental Health During Seasonal Changes

Shorter days, less sunlight and less time spent outdoors can cause a bit of a negative shift in our mood. Here are 6 tips to help you cope.

Recovery: Separating Using from the Stuff of Life

Long-term recovery incvolves much more than giving up your drug(s) of choice. Here are 6 tips to help you cope with life’s ups and downs without turning to drugs.

wondering how to pay for rehab

The Cost of Rehab: Why Is Rehab So Expensive?

The fees for residential rehab range widely, from under $5,000 per month to over 10 times that amount. What should rehab cost, and what should it include?

7 Books About Addiction and Recovery You Need to Read!

By Devon Berkheiser, Psy.D. Just as there are many different ways to recover, there are many different resources available to help in recovery. One great resource is books, and there are practically an unlimited number of options! From self-help books