Lamar Odom Overdose

Lamar Odom on Life Support After Drug Overdose

lamar odom before drug overdose

Lamar Odom was found unconscious on Tuesday, October 13th, in Nevada. Reports say Odom was found at 3:30 pm, and was later rushed to the hospital.

While at first there was some confusion regarding the cause of Lamar’s condition, it was later reported that he had several drugs in his system, including cocaine and opiates. He is currently recovering after having been on life support due to a drug overdose.

This comes during the month of Substance Abuse Prevention Month – a month dedicated by the White House as a month-long effort to raise awareness and prevent substance abuse and promote healthy individuals and communities. The campaign’s aim is to reach out to schools and workplaces and empower individuals to make healthy decisions about their futures.

For each celebrity who overdoses in the national spotlight, there are many more individuals and their loved ones who quietly suffer the devastating aftermath of drug overdose. Numbers continue to climb in this national epidemic and it is critical that we continue to raise awareness and work towards a solid plan to eliminate these preventable tragedies… starting with reducing substance abuse in the first place.

Our hearts go out to Lamar Odom, his loved ones, and all individuals affected by the tragedy of drug overdose.