I’ve been through the whole range of treatment, including outpatient and residential, mainstream and alternative, court-ordered and voluntary but none of them have resonated with me like Practical Recovery.
– Female, 30’s

Practical Recovery offered one-on-one therapy with mental health professionals as its predominant form of treatment – so its model was completely different than that of any of the other programs.
-Anne Fletcher, Inside Rehab

For those of you desperately searching for the right solution for your loved one, you know how challenging this can be. From my first contact with Practical Recovery, I felt like I’d found something special. At Practical Recovery, our son got his life back.
-Mother of Client

At Full Spectrum Recovery, Practical Recovery is one of the only inpatient treatment centers that we trust. Our clients are respected and their goals are supported in a realistic way. Whether for 3-4 days or 30 days, your team has been willing to meet them where they are and provide excellent care. Your residential facilities are very comfortable and have a safe, friendly atmosphere. I have no hesitation in referring to Practical Recovery.

Thank you for the chance to honor the great contribution you make to the field of treatment for SUD and related disorders.
-Len Van Nostrand, Full Spectrum Recovery

Practical Recovery is a top referral for anyone looking for the highest quality treatment in this country. They provide an unparalleled amount of individual therapy (10 plus hours per week) and some of the highest credentialed staff at any program that I am aware. They especially work well with victims of trauma in their trauma specific program, The Restoration Inn, really providing a much needed resource for trauma survivors. As we continue to lack quality trauma treatment in this country, The Restoration Inn is a top choice for clients of mine. I highly recommend Practical Recovery for any client or family looking for truly individualized care, a high level of individual therapy / psychiatry, and a wonderful alternative to the traditional 12 Step model of treatment seen nationwide.
-Christopher Bennett, CADC II, CIP, BRI-I

“After my treatment at Practical Recovery, I am sober, I am happy and I am moving on to a beautiful life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Male, 30’s

…what attracts people to the place is its customizable, non 12 step program, with an emphasis on one-on-one therapy and alternative treatments.   – The Fix.com