Dual Diagnosis

Addiction and psychological (or mental health) problems commonly go hand in hand. When both occur at the same time – for instance, someone has both a serious drinking problem and depression or a history of trauma – it’s said to be a co-occurring disorder or “dual diagnosis.” For optimal healing to occur, it’s critical that both conditions be treated at the same time. This type of therapy is called dual diagnosis treatment.

Integrated Treatment for Those Suffering From Dual Diagnosis

Practical Recovery is one of the few addiction treatment facilities to offer integrated dual diagnosis treatment – that is, professional help for both problems in one setting, at the same time and by the same team of experienced experts. Research shows that dual diagnosis treatment is associated with an increased chance of improvement, reduction of psychiatric symptoms and a better quality of life. Instead of insisting that a client be sober or abstain from their addiction for a given amount of time before we investigate and/or treat underlying causes (such as mental health issues), we deal with every aspect of a client’s tendency towards addictive behavior in a synergistic manner.