Why Practical Recovery?

We offer customized non-12-Step rehab addiction treatment and deliver personalized care.

At Practical Recovery, we understand how addiction can take over, and we are here to help our clients live better, richer lives free from their addictions. Alcohol, drugs, gambling – whatever it is that’s setting a person back is where we start. Our non-12-step rehab options offer addiction treatment that gets results, so that our clients can enjoy addiction-free lives.

Practical Recovery offers:

  1. Proven non-12-step rehab addiction treatment (with the option of 12-step elements if desired)
  2. A complete collaboration of treatment goals and methods (with loved ones if they are involved)
  3. Complete scheduling flexibility at all levels of care (48-hour notice of cancellation required)

Even for those who have been in addiction treatment before, we strongly encourage every potential client to give us a call to see how our non-12-step rehab differs from those of other facilities. Others promise personalized care. Practical Recovery actually delivers it. Our goal is to help each client undergo life-changing experience that results in an addiction-free future.

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