Are you concerned about confidentiality?

Please call us to discuss how Practical Recovery can exceed the standard level of privacy, anonymity, privilege and confidentiality that is provided, by law and professional ethics, to all behavioral health clients.

When calling, you have a couple of options to protect your anonymity.

1) Enter *67 before placing your call.

Enter *67 when you hear the dial tone, then enter our number (800-977-6110)—by doing so you block your phone number from our view, or

2) Use a phone not associated with you.

You may wish to initiate discussion through a representative. Begin the call by saying you want to know how we can reduce or eliminate the risk of non-staff or staff learning identifiable and/or personal, private information about you.

During the last 20 years we have developed numerous options for securing your privacy. Some options are inexpensive, some are not. The privacy we provide already is substantial and sufficient for most individuals. However, you may have important reasons for obtaining a higher level of privacy. We look forward to creating that privacy for you.