Is drinking keeping you from the top of your game?

A Message from the Director, Tom Horvath, Ph.D.

Thanks for noticing our Wall Street Journal ad.

drinking too much affecting jobWe made few assumptions about you:

  1. You are successful, and interested in even greater success.
  2. Your alcohol use or other substance use (or gambling, video gaming, sexual behavior, etc.) has become problematic enough that you are thinking about changing it.
  3. You are hopeful that cutting down would work, rather than abstaining.
  4. When you purchase a product or service, you want the best, at a good value.
  5. You will not be bound by tradition if something new seems promising.
  6. Even though others may have confronted you, the idea of “going away to rehab” is not at all appealing to you.

Here are some relevant facts: Your successes can be a foundation for resolving the problems that have developed. Moderation can work. If it doesn’t abstinence can be the backup plan. The choice is yours. For most people, particularly if employed and successful, residential (inpatient) treatment is more than is needed. Although the traditional recovery industry (e.g., the Betty Ford Center) will suggest you have a disease that can be arrested only by letting go to a higher power and attending meetings for the rest of your life, in fact there are other quite different and scientifically well supported approaches to resolving problematic addictive behavior. Unfortunately they do not get much coverage in the media.

Practical Recovery has been providing self-empowering addiction treatment since 1985. Call us to discuss your goals and your situation. We are confident we can help you create a completely private plan for change that will be workable for you. We are not claiming change will necessarily be easy. However, the plan does not need to be unnecessarily burdensome, as it can be in a traditional approach.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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