You Have Options for Addiction Treatment

Do you feel like you’ve lost control over your drug or alcohol use? At Practical Recovery, we believe you have the capacity to take control of your addiction and lead the life you want to live. Let us show you how.
Since 1985, Practical Recovery has offered clients a self-empowering, personalized approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. No matter what a successful recovery looks like to you — including abstinence or moderation — we’ll help you get there.
This Is Your Journey, and You Call the Shots
Unlike 12-step programs, which offer everyone the same rigid path that leads only to abstinence, Practical Recovery aims to meet you where you are.
For some, complete abstinence from drugs or alcohol is the only answer. For others, moderating usage is a more appealing goal. Either way, we’ll help you resolve the underlying issues driving your addictive behavior so you can realize true recovery on your terms.
If you’re ready to tap into your inner strength to reclaim an addiction-free life, Practical Recovery is here for you. Call us today to learn more.
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