​Planning your IIOP experience

The Individual Intensive Outpatient Program

An alternative to residential treatment



The first several questions** are pertinent to all Individual Intensive Outpatient Program (IIOP) clients. The remaining questions are pertinent for clients coming from out of town. Prior to your arrival we will guide you through answering these questions.

**1) What do you want to accomplish while in our Intensive Individual Outpatient Program?

Most of our IIOP clients have goals about resolving problematic addictive behavior. However, we also work with individuals who have only other concerns. Whatever your concerns, we will work to refine and implement your goals. Common concerns for our clients, addictive behavior or not, include depression, anxiety, trauma, psychiatric disorder, career or workplace concerns, relationship concerns, and other issues.

**2) When will you arrive and how long do you expect to be here? 

It is generally better to start earlier in the week, preferably on Monday (but this issue is of less concern if you are local).

**3) What will your schedule consist of?

1. a) Time to start and end each day? Might the schedule vary day to day to accommodate your other activities? Will you want sessions Saturday mornings also?

1. b) How many sessions per day (2-4 per day is typical)? After the IIOP local clients typically transition to a less intensive level of treatment. Out of town clients can have phone sessions with selected staff upon departure as part of continuing care.

1. c) Will you include holistic sessions (massage, acupuncture, meditation, energy healing, yoga–either individually or in a class, fitness instruction, etc.). We do not claim that these services are “evidence-based,” but they are popular with and meaningful for most of our clients. You are welcome to include them if you wish.

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1. d) Will you include your partner, family members, or friends in session, in person or by phone, while you are here? Relationship work is not required but it is strongly recommended. Unless you plan on ending a relationship (in the occasional case this option is a good idea), these are the people in your life. Wouldn’t you like to improve you relationship with them?

1. e) Will you attend groups in the office? SMART Recovery? Neither is required, but both are available.

View a list of SMART meetings

1. f) Are you interested in “homework” between sessions? How much to do you like to read? We have many books we might suggest, starting with Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions, and The SMART Recovery Handbook.

1. g) Do you work with other professionals we should be in touch with, either once you arrive or before? Might you continue to work with them even while here?

1. h) What needs to be in place for continuing care? However long you stay it will be over sooner than most expect. We prefer to do continuing care planning from the beginning.

1. i) Do you want a psychiatric appointment or a medical evaluation? These appointments often need a longer lead time for scheduling.

1. j) Would addiction medication be helpful? Antabuse, naltrexone, acamprosate, buprenorphine or others?

1. k) Do you have loved ones who would benefit from participating in CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training)? If you are looking for the chance to educate them on “how to treat me better” this is it!

**4) Do you accept the following conditions?

We are very flexible about many issues, but generally not flexible about requiring 48 hours notice of schedule change. Please think ahead. We are happy to change your schedule, if we get adequate notice.

Payment is made in advance, and fully refundable if services are not used and cancelled with 48 hours notice. Most clients place a credit card on file, for weekly billing.

We can provide a superbill for submission to your insurance carrier, but our experience is that reimbursement will not be substantial. You may also wish not to notify them of the conditions you are seeking treatment for.

5) Where will you stay?

We are located in a medium density urban area that includes three grocery stores (Whole Foods, Ralphs, Trader Joe’s), an Enterprise rental car location, a dozen restaurants, a 12-plex movie theater, two pharmacies, four banks, and most of the amenities a traveler or local would need. We are also less than two miles from a major regional shopping center (University Town Center), across the street from the UCSD campus, and about a mile from the beach. Car services (Uber, Lyft, limo services, etc.) are easily available in San Diego.

1. a) Two hotels are within easy walking distance. Most clients stay at one of these properties:

A more upscale property, 1 mile away:

  • https://lajolla.regency.hyatt.com/en/hotel/our-hotel.html

Another more upscale property, 2 miles away:

1. b) There are many premiere San Diego properties, some of which include spa services. Below are a few, roughly in increasing distance from our office, and all within approximately 30 minutes drive (unless there is heavy traffic, which is normal during morning and evening rush hours).

1. c) Other options include other hotel properties, Airbnb or similar services, friends, relatives, vacation rentals, etc.

1. d) Food and meal service options, spa services, and exercise and workout options will be based on where you stay. There is a deli right outside our office, open for breakfast and lunch.

6) How will you spend time away from the office?

San Diego is a top US tourist destination, so there is much to do locally. Will you bring work with you (laptop, phone, books)? Would you like to be accompanied by a recovery coach during your off hours? There are free SMART Recovery meetings in the office waiting room most evenings and on Saturday, and over 30 in San Diego.

Bring warm clothes for the evening (any time of year) and sun protection (any time of year).

7) Other details for clients from out of town

How will you arrive: plane, car, train? All are options

We have seen clients from around the world.  We would be happy to provide guidance on making your stay, as well as your treatment, an experience you will remember and benefit from for a lifetime.

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