non-12-step alcohol and drug counselingPractical Recovery offers a non-12-step alcohol and drug counseling approach, unlike most other outpatient addiction treatment centers.

At Practical Recovery the basis of our treatment is to provide individual non-12-step alcohol and drug counseling sessions with highly qualified doctoral-level and some master-level therapists. Group sessions are optional. Furthermore, clients may choose their therapists and various other providers.

We do not call Practical Recovery a “program” because that term implies a one-size-fits-all treatment. Your goals, values and situation are unique. You don’t need a “program” based on someone else’s idea of what the average person in addiction recovery needs. At Practical Recovery we offer a non-12-step alcohol and drug counseling plan that includes a completely personalized set of services. We collaboratively revise those services as we go, so that each client receives exactly what they need, nothing more, nothing less.

Although the core of our services consists of individual sessions with psychotherapists, many of our clients also elect to take part in holistic healing sessions, including acupuncture, energy work, guided meditation, massage and other services. We do not claim that these services are evidence-based. However, many clients state that these sessions have been an important, even crucial, aspect of their experience with us. Only some of our clients attend group sessions. As many of them say, “I’m not here to listen to somebody else’s problems.” Therefore, outpatient groups are optional at Practical Recovery, even though clients who attend our groups report that they are helpful. Our non-12-step alcohol and drug counseling approach is effective and custom fitted for each individual.

And even though our non-12-step specialization appeals to most of our clients, some also attend 12-step groups or participate in 12-step facilitation treatment. Our focus is on providing personalized treatment, and we will seek out and provide whatever methods serve our clients best and achieve the desired results.