Non-12-Step Outpatient Treatment Plan Examples

At Practical Recovery, our non-12-step outpatient treatment plan offers services that are personalized with flexibility and convenience to a degree that most treatment “programs” can’t match. For most individuals, one-on-one outpatient sessions once or twice a week are sufficient to address addiction and related problems unless it is clear that a higher level of care is needed.

Non-12-step outpatient treatment plan sessions can be easily scheduled and if necessary, cancelled upon 48 hours’ notice with no charge. Our clients maintain the freedom to book extra sessions some weeks, or skip other weeks to accommodate their schedules. Of course, the more advance notice we have, the more likely the therapists our clients are working with will be available.

Our office is open during normal business hours. However, depending upon the individual schedules of each therapist, evening or Saturday appointments may be an option.