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Preventing Relapse: The Role of Lifestyle Balance

In addiction recovery, if your life is filled with non-pleasurable activities, you are more likely to relapse. The relapse will provide an intense, but only temporary, satisfaction. Perhaps the greatest risk for imbalance comes when we are too focused on what

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On being a SEN Master, Part 1

Dr. Horvath looks at healthy habits in recovery and describes what it means to be a SEN Master in part 1 of this 2-part series.

Finding ways to maintain recovery and mental health during seasonal changes

Defend Your Recovery and Mental Health During Seasonal Changes

Shorter days, less sunlight and less time spent outdoors can cause a bit of a negative shift in our mood. Here are 6 tips to help you cope.

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8 Tips for Better Sleep

Here are 8 tips to help you reach better health through sleep. Employ some of these tips tonight for a better rest and to feel better tomorrow!

Building Trust in Recovery

While it can be daunting to think about repairing your important relationships, here are 5 ways to help you manage the process:

Staying Friends with Using Buddies

In early recovery, many people face a choice: whether to continue friendships with people who may still be using or to end those friendships in order to protect their own sobriety.

7 Books About Addiction and Recovery You Need to Read!

By Devon Berkheiser, Psy.D. Just as there are many different ways to recover, there are many different resources available to help in recovery. One great resource is books, and there are practically an unlimited number of options! From self-help books

5 Tips for Getting Used to Normal Life

Early recovery can be a major transition. Devon Berkheiser, Psy.D. offers 5 tips to help make adjusting to normal life easier.

Recovery Organizations You Might Not Even Know About

Looking for some additional recovery support? It‘s important to know that you have choices. We’ve compiled a list of non 12-step recovery groups worth considering.

DIY Moderate Drinking

Are you interested in moderating or cutting back your drinking? Many individuals are! Here are two books which provide everything you need to know about moderate drinking.