PTSD and substance abuse go hand in hand.

You are not alone.

soldier suffering PTSDThe statistics of substance abuse issues among veterans is staggering. Practical Recovery offers non 12 step, trauma-informed addiction treatment. Whether you’re in need of outpatient or residential treatment, we treat YOU, the whole person, not just the symptoms or substance abuse. Our self-empowering approach can help you overcome not just the addiction, but any underlying trauma or mental health issues as well.


  • Trauma-informed treatment – Don’t just address the substance abuse, treat the reasons for the substance abuse
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment – Treat co-occurring disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.) for greater chances of a successful recovery
  • Individualized treatment – you are not treated as another number. Your care is tailored to you.
  • Completely confidential – with our cash pay option, treatment is not reported to insurance and does not need to be documented on your service record
  • Repair strained relationships with optional family sessions
  • Feel safe in our small, quiet 4- and 6-bed residential facilities
  • You do not have to admit you are powerless – in fact, we recognize your strength as a soldier and help you find your strength as a survivor
  • Receive respectful care
  • Use your insurance (most PPO plans accepted)
  • Mostly private rooms
  • Personal chef
  • Access to personal laptop and cell phone


  • Of those who seek help, between 60% and 80% of veterans also seek treatment for substance abuse.
  • Over 2/3 of people seeking treatment for substance use disorder report one or more traumatic life events.
  • 22-43% of people living with PTSD have a lifetime prevalence rate of substance use disorders and the rate for veterans is as high as 75%.

Please call us. You don’t have to fight this alone.