Are you concerned about the quality of your addiction treatment?

 Are you looking for the treatment approach used by most people in the US? You will not find that “majority solution” at Practical Recovery. Our services were created for discerning clients who have realized the problems in the US treatment system:

1)  Education of Staff

At most facilities, the clinical staff does not have advanced degrees. Even if there are advanced degree professionals in a facility, clients rarely see them. Would you want to go to a hospital with no or few physicians?

2) Built on the 12 Step Model

The treatment approach is based on the 12-step spiritual fellowship, established in 1935 and largely unchanged since then. This approach is indeed helpful for some. However, if it is so effective, why are US addiction problems so large? Is it not clear by now that other options are needed?

3) Treatment Typically in a Group Setting

Treatment is primarily in groups, which are part of a “program.” The program focuses on education about addiction and addiction issues, rather than addressing your own underlying issues. Would you prefer individual (couples, family) sessions, addressing the issues relevant to you, and scheduled around your schedule?

4) Relies on Powerlessness of the Individual

Most treatment is oriented around showing you how powerless you are, and how you need to “shut up” and do what you are told. Staff may be abusive or borderline abusive to clients, and focus on shaming them about past behavior. Would you prefer to move forward by recognizing your strengths, and using them to improve your weaknesses?

5) Length of Treatment

Treatment is promoted as a very long-term endeavor. The industry promotes getting more treatment than is needed, as a way to bolster revenue. Yes, you may need to pay attention to your change process for months to years, but much of that work can be done on your own. Unfortunately, because treatment may be less than helpful, many clients also recycle through treatment more than they need to. Do you want treatment providers who keep selling you more treatment?

Each Facility is Unique

Every treatment facility is unique, and the trends described here do not apply to the same degree in each facility. However, on almost a daily basis we hear from clients who previously attended treatment at other facilities. Our impression is that US treatment on average is not very helpful, and at worst actually harmful. Motivation to change fluctuates. We need to act on it in the best possible way, because it might not occur again anytime soon.

The Practical Recovery Difference

Clients come to Practical Recovery because they want an approach to change that builds them up (based on pre-existing strengths), focuses on their unique concerns, involves individual (couples, family) sessions, only involves groups if the client wants them, employs doctoral and masters level clinicians, incorporates addiction and psychiatric medications as indicated, focuses on keeping treatment as short and cost-effective as possible, and schedules appointments in a flexible manner.

If those features are what YOU are looking for, we’re here to help.