Make this the year you take back control.

We can help you stay out of trouble – and that might help you get out of trouble.

Going to rehab might help you show the judge you’re committed to changing your behavior. More importantly though, going to rehab will teach you how to change your behavior. Sure, you never thought you’d be here, and while we can’t change that, we can help you make sure you’re never here again.


  • taking back control after addictionFlexible length of stay
  • Get treatment that works with our evidence-based approach
  • Restore relationships
  • Address the underlying reasons behind your addiction
  • Learn coping skills
  • Get the best care with mostly doctoral-level staff
  • Individualized treatment tailored to you
  • Reduce high-risk behaviors
  • Non-AA model
  • Most PPO insurance plans accepted


  • Just minutes from the ocean
  • Personal chef
  • Mostly private rooms
  • Access to cell phones and laptops
  • Private residential home in upscale community
  • Assistance with travel arrangements

Call us for more information about our detox services, inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient options.

Download our brochure and ask your attorney if rehab can help your DUI case.

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Don’t let the courts tell you that you must attend a 12-step program in order to satisfy your court orders. You have options when it comes to treatment. Learn more.

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DUIs can be expensive. We partner with a reputable financing company that might be able to help you finance your treatment. Learn about financing your treatment.