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San Diego's Source for Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment

From Dr. Tom Horvath

Are you among the 90% of those who may find AA less than helpful?

Practical Recovery has been providing self-empowering,

non-12-step addiction treatment in San Diego since 1985.

We know self-empowering treatment.

We helped establish it!

More from Dr. Horvath

“I now know that I have the strength and the determination to create a life of positivity from this point forward, and my past is no longer an anchor in the present.”

- Female, 29
San Diego

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Location


Self-empowering (12-step alternative) outpatient drug and alcohol rehab is suitable for most individuals. Explore Outpatient RehabOutpatient Image

Residential Drug Alcohol Rehab


Both of our addiction treatment residences offer empirically-based addiction treatment from a self-empowering perspective.

Explore Residential RehabOutpatient Image

Sober Living Recovery Residence


Our seven-bed upscale sober living residence provides a safe environment for a fresh start.

Explore Sober LivingOutpatient Image