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From Dr. Tom Horvath

Are you among the 90% of those who may find AA less than helpful?

Practical Recovery has been one of San Diego’s leaders

in non 12 step drug rehab and alcohol treatment

since 1985. We know self-empowering treatment.

We helped establish it!

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“I’ve been through the whole range of treatment including outpatient and residential, mainstream and alternative, court-ordered and voluntary but none of them have resonated with me like Practical Recovery.” – Alumni Client

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Location


Self-empowering (12-step alternative) outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment is suitable for most individuals. Explore Outpatient RehabOutpatient Image

Sober Living Residence


Our non 12 step residential rehabs in San Diego offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment for men and women. Explore Inpatient RehabOutpatient Image

Women's Residential Drug Alcohol Rehab living room


Our self empowering rehab for women treats the addiction and the trauma that often accompanies it. Explore Rehab for WomenOutpatient Image