3 Facts About Urges You Really Need to Know

Originally posted July 25, 2014
man thinking about his addictionUrges (cravings) are a normal and expected part of quitting an addictive substance or behavior. They can be uncomfortable and intense. It takes a commitment to deal with them without giving in. However, here are some facts about urges that are helpful to keep in mind:

1. Urges are time-limited—Urges typically go away within minutes. No matter how uncomfortable an urge may feel, it is only temporary.

2. Urges are not harmful—Although they may be anxiety-producing and unpleasant, urges cannot cause physical harm.

3. Urges do not force you to drink/use—When you experience an urge, you still have a choice about whether to use or not. The urge will go away, whether or not you do.

So when an urge strikes, try to keep it in perspective. Remember that it won’t last forever, and that you do have the power to overcome it.

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