Being Grateful for the Little Things

being grateful for the little things in sobrietyWe’ve all had them – those moments of not feeling like we have enough. For some of us, it’s an incessant drive to always have more – to keep up with the neighbors or our friends and make more money, have the best car, acquire the most toys, wear the nicest clothes, have the greatest job… and the list goes on.

But it’s so important that we take step back from the endless quest for more and remember all the little things to be grateful for – often, it’s these things we take for granted which are really the things that bring us the most joy… we just forget to appreciate them. Stop for a moment and think about something simple that made you happy today. In fact, think of three things (this is one time when more is actually better), and recall each one with focused gratitude. Enjoy the beauty of each thing and revel in its simple ability to bring you joy.

What simple joys come to mind? Maybe it’s a kind neighbor who always shows you a smile, or a child who thinks the world of you. Maybe it’s a phone call from a friend, or hearing your favorite song on the radio. Maybe it’s gaining another day (or hour) of sobriety, or having clean clothes to wear, seeing flowers bloom, watching leaves fall or enjoying a break in the clouds and a few rays of sun.

The truth is, when we take the time to think about and really notice all the little things that make us happy, they start to add up. We are much more likely to find ourselves in an environment filled with little sources of joys, versus an environment stuffed with the big things we are always chasing. If we can take the time to appreciate and be grateful for the smaller things, we’ll find more opportunities for happiness. It’s just a matter of deciding to make those things our focus, then not letting them go unnoticed.