The Benefits of Forgiveness

sober woman contemplating forgiveness Sometimes, we are betrayed by the people who claim to love us the most.  Whether we are lied to, ignored, or gossiped about, it is natural to hold a grudge, and let it affect our mood, our relationships, and even our physical health.  Forgiving someone helps us much more than it helps the person who hurt us.  Here is how:

According to The Journal of Behavioral Medicine, forgiveness is literally good for your heart. Individuals experienced lower blood pressure, and lower heart rate when practicing forgiveness. This can make a big difference over time!

When friends or family hurt us, it can be difficult, because we may want to salvage the relationship but the betrayal is keeping us from doing so. Forgiveness allows us to see the positive aspects of the offending party, and allows us to repair a relationship that is important to us.

Practicing forgiveness will also teach us the skills we need to forgive ourselves.  After all, no one is perfect and we all make bad decisions.  Move on and be happy!