Inside Rehab Paperback Edition

By Tom Hovath, Ph.D., ABPP

Congratulations to Anne M. Fletcher, MS, RD, on the release of the paperback edition of Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment—and How to Get Help That Works.

This book has a been a major contribution to the US discussion about who needs rehab, what is less than desirable about the US rehab system, and how that system might be changed.

During the nearly five years that Inside Rehab was in preparation, Fletcher visited 15 addiction treatment facilities across the US, and interviewed several hundred professionals and addiction treatment consumers. Practical Recovery is pleased to note we were one of the facilities she visited, and that she interviewed numerous staff and clients. We are proud that a summary of our work is included in Inside Rehab.

For many readers the most important part of the book will be the three page Appendix: A Consumer Checklist for Checking Out Rehabs. If you can get a rehab to address each of the several dozen points listed there, you will understand that rehab well enough to make an informed decision about attending it.

Fletcher’s first addiction book, Sober for Good, continues to be an important influence on the field 12 years after its publication. She interviewed 222 individuals who had recovered from alcohol problems using a wide variety of methods. The book could inspire anyone who drinks too much

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Thanks, Anne, for this major contribution to improving the addiction treatment industry!