International Bipolar Foundation Event

Finding Bipolar Expertise When You Need It

Author: Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing a presentation by Tom Jensen, MD, at an International Bipolar Foundation event, Of Mind and Men: Mental Health, Addiction and Hope.

Dr. Jensen, an expert on bipolar disorder and the Medical Director of the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF), presented a thorough and easy-to-follow review of the medications used to treat bipolar disorder. He included over-the-counter options as well. He showed us that discovering the best medication and a good dosage for each individual is a process that can takes months and months. Bipolar disorder is complex. It makes sense to seek out a specialist to work with. Dr. Jensen can be reached at 619-225-2220.

The IBPF is the world’s leading organization for research, support and education regarding bipolar disorder. The organization supports an incredible range of offerings on a very limited budget. It is the first website to look at for information about bipolar disorder.

For both the individual and the family the emergence of bipolar disorder is a crisis that might be ignored initially. However, when it can no longer be ignored, it’s good to know that psychiatrists like Dr. Jensen, and organizations like the International Bipolar Foundation, are there to help.