From the Kitchen, with Love

by Chef Sarah, Executive Chef
Food served at residential rehab facility
Here in Reunion’s Kitchen, I prepare fresh healing foods every day for our clients. I use organic produce from local farms, herbs, local honey and high-quality meats and cheeses. My belief is that we are what we eat!

I like to introduce our clients to a healthy eating style, beginning with a detox diet if needed, which consists of freshly juiced vegetables, homemade broths and lots of salads and smoothies. By doing this, it allows the body and cells to cleanse, replenish and heal with good building blocks in place. By cooking simple foods that are bursting with fresh enzymes and packed with nutrients, the well-being of the clients start to show on their faces. Their skin starts to glow, they begin to smile a lot more and become much more eager to try novel foods and eat healthy meals.

This is why I am here – to help people learn to eat well, and it is my sincerest hope that they leave with a solid foundation for healthy eating!!

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