Dr. Chaudhri Takes You Behind the Scenes at PRI

My role as the Chief Operating Officer is to oversee the operations to maximize the client’s experience at Practical Recovery. The goal is to ensure consistent quality of service by developing and enforcing good automated systems; validating processes; overseeing operational documentation; managing branding in each facility (core values/mission), and ensuring standardization and execution of policies and procedures at all sites. My team completes these operational objectives by completing daily audits such as: medication procedures, food/beverage service, therapeutic activities, satisfaction surveys, hospitality procedures, safety compliance, room searches/inventories, intake, admission and discharge procedure audits, monitoring drug testing, supervising client schedules and operational flow, auditing sanitation and safety practices, ensuring ongoing training and development of the staff and overall compliance with licensing regulations.

In addition to these operational goals, a unique aspect of our service is to offer high-end hospitality and concierge rehab to provide optimal customer service at each location. We want to make sure our clients are comfortable during their stay and they have an individualized plan that is tailored to each client. We offer a high staff-to-client ratio and multiple individual sessions per day to create a personalized treatment plan that is collaborative and customized. Our goal at Practical Recovery is to focus on achieving operational excellence and a positive client experience. We strive to offer a meaningful therapeutic environment that is safe, self-empowering and a high-quality experience for all our residents!