Psychedelic Diaries – Interview with Dr. Horvath

Psychedelic Diaries, Episode 3: Interview with Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP

“Psychedelic Diaries,” a podcast hosted by Ray Christian, has nearly 30 episodes (each an interview). Dr. Horvath was the third interviewee. The podcast describes itself as offering:

“Experts from the world of medicine talk about mental health, mystical experiences, and the psychedelic renaissance. The show features news and discussion on how psychedelics affect our mind and the world around us.”

This 3 minute video has excerpts from each of the five initial experts interviewed. Dr. Horvath, in the excerpt, speaks about the value of a psychedelic experience as a “pattern interrupter.” In the full interview he elaborates on that concept and his own (unfortunately disappointing) experience doing ayahuasca four times in Peru’s rainforest.