On Robin Williams, Addiction and Suicide

Robin Williams QuoteIn the wake of the tragic death of Robin Williams, we are left to reflect on how somebody who brought so much laughter to so many could actually be struggling with such intense pain. The truth is that depression and addiction do not discriminate based on age, gender, or economic status; these disorders can affect anybody. And sadly, both of these disorders can be deadly, which we are reminded of when we see the life of a beloved celebrity come to a tragic end.

What can be learned from this? First, it brings to mind the importance of recognizing early warning signs. Early warning signs tell us to reach out for help before our problems become worse. Know what your triggers are so that you can be prepared to handle them. Know what the earliest signs of depression and/or relapse are so that you can intervene right away. Get help sooner rather than later; do not wait until it is too late.

We can also take from this tragedy the importance of connection. Unfortunately, mental health disorders and addictions are often associated with our loss of connection to other people. The loss of connection can lead to loneliness and isolation, leaving us feeling hopeless and alone. Sometimes without meaningful connections, we may feel that life is not worth living. But in reality, no matter what we are experiencing, there are other people who can relate. Even people who appear to have it all face hardships and challenges in life. While it can be hard to admit that we are struggling and need help, opening up and talking about our pain can start the healing process.

If you are struggling, reach out and ask for help. If you see a loved one having a hard time, acknowledge it and let him know that you are there to help and support him. Life gets hard, but we do not have to struggle alone. No matter what you are facing, there is always help available and there is always the hope that things will get better.

Dr. Horvath’s discussion on Robin Williams’ death and celebrity depression on KUSI’s Morning News: