Sage Money Podcast – Interview with Dr. Horvath

Sage Money Conversations with Barbara Norman, CFP® – Interview with Dr. Tom Horvath

Episode 010: Dealing With Family Addiction

Addiction can be financially devastating, it can destroy a life, and it can tear a family apart. It’s common for individuals with addictive problems to attend several expensive treatment programs, with little lasting progress. In this revealing episode, Dr. Tom Horvath reveals some of the problems with traditional approaches to treatment, and he offers alternative ways to treat addictive problems, talk with our loved ones, and create a happier home life.

Dr. Horvath, author of Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions, has specialized in addictive problems since 1985.  He is a California licensed (PSY7732) and board-certified clinical psychologist.  He is the founder and president of Practical Recovery Psychology Group in San Diego.  He is the past president of the APA’s Society of Addiction Psychology, the world’s largest group of addiction psychologists.  He instructed graduate addiction courses at Alliant International University and the University of San Diego. For 20 years he served as the president of SMART Recovery, an international non-profit that offers free, science-based mutual help meetings. He continues to serve on SMART’s US board of directors, and the Global Research Advisory Committee for SMART Recovery International. He is a fellow of the San Diego Psychological Association, ABCT and APA.

On this episode of Sage Money Conversations, learn about the self-empowering approach to addressing addictive problems, and techniques for making better life choices.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

  • Rat Park. Learn what this study reveals about omissions in some scientific studies on addiction.
  • Why rehab isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Communication tips for how to take the “heat” out of conversations.
  • Learn what “SMART Recovery” can do for you or your loved one.