Sober Julie…An Interview with a Recovery Influencer

Headshot for Sober Julie recovery interviewWe are  very excited to bring today’s recovery blogger interview with Julie from the blog, Life Straight Up at

Julie is a “imperfectly perfect” 46 year old woman living in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two teenage daughters. Julie is a believer in faith, recovery, family, and living a grateful life these days.

Julie has been in recovery for over nine years. Her experiences with substance misuse and recovery has shaped her into the amazing woman she is today. Julie says her life goal is to “pull back the curtain for those who feel alone and remove the overshadowing shame and fear that is stopping them from experiencing the true joys of life.” We thought Julie was the perfect person to share a bit of her wisdom, tips, and advice she’s learned along her recovery journey.

Interview printed with permission

PR: How has your life changed for the better in recovery?

Julie: Well to begin…I have a life. At the end of my using I was on a trajectory to death. I had lost myself and was cowering in fear, guilt, and shame without hope. Over the past 9 years in recovery I’ve learned to breathe again. To see who I really am and I’ve stopped chasing the hollow happiness that never lasted. Today I have a true sense of security and happiness. In each day I am aware of the potential. I’ve changed my career and now own a successful National Marketing company, am an Influencer and volunteer in my community.  

PR: What challenges have you experienced in recovery?

Julie: Life didn’t become perfect because I entered recovery. I’ve had to do a personal bankruptcy, almost lost our home, lost my career because of a brain injury from a car accident, live with chronic pain from the accident, and ultimately had to redefine who I am. The one thing that remained while all of this was happening was an underlying hope that kept me going even when I struggled to see the positive.

PR: What has been helpful in getting through those challenging moments?

Julie: Faith. I knew that I was meant to be here to experience these things and that each day would hold something valuable for me to find. I took it one day at a time, looking for the next right thing to do in order to improve the situations. I also reached out for support when I needed it and I continue to do so. I’m not living alone…I have a tribe of people who are willing to help when I ask.

PR: Has recovery gotten easier?

Julie: Yes of course! With practice everything gets easier. The more I seek to learn, the effort becomes less.

PR: How do you handle situations where alcohol is involved?

Julie: The key for me is to check my wellbeing and motives for attending before the event. If I’m not feeling strong and assured, I just don’t go. When I am, and if my motive for going is positive then I go in knowing I have an exit plan. I tend to stay only a few hours if folks are drinking. At that point when the vibe gets wacky, I just politely bow out…..because really I’ve seen the people and enjoyed it so when it’s time to go I jet.

PR: What would you like to share with those just starting their journey?

Julie: Today is a new gift. It may not be easy, but one hour, one minute, one second at a time you CAN do this. Don’t look too far ahead and be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with healthy people, places and things and know that it’s ok to ask for help.

It is an honor to have Julie sharing a bit of her life with all of us. We can’t thank her enough for her courage in sharing her story, not just for herself, but for the difference it can make in the lives of others in the recovery community.

If you’re wanting to start your own recovery journey, call us today to talk through what type of program would be best for your unique situation.