Social Media as a Recovery Tool

By Devon Berkheiser, Psy.D.

There are many different tools available to aid in recovery, and social media is definitely one of them! Here are some social media sites that can support you in your recovery:

1. Facebook

Using social media recovery apps

Facebook is a great way to connect with friends both near and far, including friends who are in recovery. Additionally, you can “like” pages that support recovery. For example, Practical Recovery has a Facebook page that shares inspirational quotes, interesting articles, and other posts that can help keep you focused and feeling good about recovery.

2. Instagram

Instagram is another great way to stay connected with your support system, and to seek out new people who share your interests and passions, including recovery. You can search for hashtags such as #sober and #soberlife to find interesting and inspiring posts about life in recovery.


Many people in early recovery have difficulty imagining a social life without using their substance of choice. This website is a great way to seek out new social opportunities. It provides a wide variety of local groups whose members meet to participate in shared interests. There are book clubs, hiking groups, and even groups for owners of specific dog breeds. Whatever your interests, you are sure to find people who share them on this website.

4. Sober

This dating app is essentially Tinder for sober people. You can view people’s profiles and anonymously “like” them. If they like your profile too, the app lets you know that you are a match so that you can further chat with each other. Dating can be difficult in recovery (especially early recovery) so this app provides a great way to meet new people who are supportive of a sober lifestyle.

5. Sober Grid

This is another app that connects you with others who are sober. It provides access to a sober community, allowing you to chat privately with others, share content, and get support.

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