What Is Recovery, Really?

By Guest Author Lesley Wirth, Consultant for The Restoration Inn

Lesley WirthThere seems to come a time in everyone’s journey where one stands at the precipice of claiming that which is rightfully theirs: a connection to his or her inherent value as a worthy and deeply lovable person. In hindsight, I see that this was where I was standing years ago, as I began to reclaim my identity from that of a “broken” person to a woman who simply needed some love, acceptance, and assistance. I was broken-hearted not broken.

As a woman who has had a 20-year journey with food compulsion, eating disorders, and exercise compulsion, I will be the first to tell you there is no magic formula for recovery. The solution is letting go of the misperceptions of ourselves, one at a time, and becoming more open and honest about our shame. This frees us from the bondage of our own mental anguish. It creates a space for the truth to enter. Our job is to create the space. And this takes courage. Fierce courage.

Recovery is not a destination; it is a process of continual revelation and growth. It is a journey back into the remembrance of who we really are: an innocent, loveable, good person who may be holding layers of misunderstandings about ourselves. It is in releasing these misunderstandings and learning that truth that sets us free. If I were to share one bit of love with you today it would be this: make your recovery about the journey back to who you really are so that you can know in your heart that you are worthy of joy and love. This is ultimate freedom. This is who you are. When you can be with this place inside, you realize that the battles that you have faced are part of your journey.

– Lesley Wirth

Certified Integrative Recovery Coach
MA Spiritual Psychology
Web: www.lesleywirth.com
Email: lesley@lesleywirth.com