Need drug or alcohol treatment that accommodates your needs as a mom?

Our gentle non 12 step approach is perfect for mothers. No stigma, no shame… just compassion.

Getting sober is the best thing you can do for your kids. You and they deserve for you to be present, happy and well. Call us today!

Residential Rehab:

  • Sober mom with baby

    Unique 4-bed women’s residence is private, safe and secure

    Flexible length of stay – the average stay is just 10-21 days

  • See your family often with evening and weekend visits
  • Have access to cell phone and laptop with several breaks during the day to keep in touch
  • Build better relationships with integrated family sessions (when appropriate)
  • Learn coping strategies that will help you become a better mom
  • Providers certified in CRAFT can provide family support and educate families about addiction

Call us or click here for more information about our inpatient treatment. Phones answered 7 days a week.

“And yes, there are sure to be some rough spots as I travel down my road. But I feel empowered to take life on… on its terms… You have shown me how to live a balanced life, and for that, I am forever grateful.”
– Practical Recovery Alumni