We’ve compiled this intensive outpatient admission guide to help you navigate the IOP and  IIOP admissions process.

Admission Forms

Please complete the following packet and bring with you to your first appointment.

Intake Packet

Prior to Admission:

In a series of phone conversations, we will discuss treatment options and provide intensive outpatient admission info based upon each client’s individual situation, goals and values to assure that they are a good fit for Practical Recovery. If not, we will suggest other options.

We are happy to provide all of our Rehab Alternative clients with a super bill for insurance purposes as we do not bill directly for this level of care. This form will outline the services received and may be submitted for reimbursement to insurance companies. We suggest that our clients call their insurance companies before they come in to confirm that they have out-of-network coverage for outpatient sessions.

If admission appears imminent, intensive outpatient admission info will include financial arrangements, and screening and discussions with our clinical coordinator or other clinical staff, in person or over the phone, to assure that all questions are answered. It is important to us that each client makes an informed decision to trust Practical Recovery for their care.

Out-of-town clients generally arrange their own accommodations and travel to and from our offices, but they may contact us if assistance is needed. Several accommodation options are provided within the Where to Stay link.

Day of Admission:

Upon arrival, guests will complete intake paperwork and an intake clinical assessment. An initial schedule will be established if it was not arranged in advance.

Family members are welcome to participate in the entire course of treatment, beginning with the intake assessment if desired. Their involvement may include sessions without the client.

If it turns out that detox is necessary, we will help you make arrangements as needed with a local hospital or with an outpatient physician. It is strongly recommended that detox issues be addressed before arriving.

What to Bring:

San Diego enjoys a semi-tropical climate. We advise that our guests bring sun protection, including a hat, sunglasses and sunblock.

Need More Intensive Outpatient Admission Info?

If there is a need for more intensive outpatient admission info than listed here, don’t hesitate to call us. We will gladly walk you through the admissions process until every question is addressed.