If locally based, clients in IIOP (Rehab Alternative) typically live at home. Clients from out of town arrange their own accommodations in the manner of their choosing.

For many non-local clients, both the Sheraton La Jolla and Marriott Residence Inn San Diego La Jolla are ideal options because both are within easy walking distance of the office. Also within walking distance are three grocery stores (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Ralphs), numerous restaurants, various services (e.g., Enterprise car rental, FedEx Office), two movie theaters (4 screens and 12 screens) and two shopping centers (The Shops and The Village Square).

However, some out of town clients prefer different living arrangements for various reasons.  Some wish to be closer to the ocean, some seek greater privacy, etc.  For a more comprehensive list of housing options and other important planning considerations please visit our IIOP Planning page.

The area around our office is a vibrant mixed-use urban area. We are located south of and adjacent to UC San Diego, and about one mile from from the beach. The neighborhood generally gets high marks from our clients. If you elect to bring one or more family members, they will have all San Diego as well as our immediate neighborhood to explore.

At one time we offered extensive lists of other hotels and living situations, sights to see, and shopping. The internet was not as powerful in 1998 (when we started our rehab alternative) as it is now. However, if you need assistance with any aspect of your arrangements, please let us know, by calling 800-977-6110.

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