image of a green plant pushing through the road to symbolize persistence in life and recovery

Persistence in Life and Recovery

Persistence in Life and Recovery So we are now about two weeks into the New Year. That’s long enough that the great enthusiasm we had for our 2018 goals has dimmed a bit, or worse. So now what? Life is

statue of liberty and marijuana tapestry to signify federal crackdown on marijuana

Witnessing Brilliance: Justice Department Cannabis Crackdown

Federal Crackdown on Cannabis 2018 by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. On January 4th 2018, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions issued a memorandum to all United States Attorneys stating that the federal government’s hands-off approach to enforcing cannabis laws was “unnecessary.”  The memorandum

image of film projector symbolizing abuse and substance use in hollywood

Hollywood Scandals Remind Us of Addiction’s Roots

Hollywood Scandals Remind us of Addiction’s Roots by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. The recent wave of sexual abuse revelations in Hollywood is simultaneously tragic and inspiring.  The courage, resilience, and fortitude demonstrated by victims publicly disclosing some of the most disturbing

cartoon of addiction treatment professional thumbnail

A Mirror for The Language of Addiction

Using Treatment Jargon to Describe Treatment By Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. The insulting, dehumanizing rhetoric of the addiction ‘treatment’ industry never ceases to amaze and dishearten.  People who are hurting and vulnerable are called manipulative, junkie liars so often that such

image of a missed target to symbolize addiction treatment missing its goals

The Goal of Addiction Treatment Completely Misses the Mark

The Entire Aim of Addiction Treatment is Off by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. The goal of nearly the entire field of addiction treatment is to help people stop using substances forever. However, a closer look at the goal of stopping forever

Teen Boot Camps: America’s Legacy of Torturing Children

by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. In modern, “sophisticated” society we like to believe in our lofty righteousness.  We are dignified, upstanding examples of integrity.  We parade about in our chrome-wheeled, semi-electric metal boxes. We adorn ourselves in proper fitting attire from a respectable

earth and saturn symbolizing awe, recovery and higher power

God’s Place: Is A Higher Power in Recovery Necessary?

Is a Higher Power in Recovery Necessary? By Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. Most approaches to addiction treatment tout a relationship with a higher power as essential to success. Peddling salvation and threatening damnation are age-old endeavors for humans, rehabs doing so

image of cowboy making his way symbolizing alternatives to abstinence

The Future of Addiction Treatment

Alternatives to Abstinence Will Be Mainstream by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. Step aside ‘abstinence-only,’ your monopoly on addiction treatment is finally coming to an end.  It has taken some time, decades even, for practical approaches to recovery to gain respect and

bear with drugs as medicine to symbolize US culture around drugs and medicine

Drugs Are Medicine

Drugs Are Medicine by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. One of the more hypocritical aspects of today’s culture is the distinction between medicine and drugs.  Two weeks ago we explored the power harnessed in a single word.  The stark contrast between the

image depicting the US opiate epidemic

The Opiate Epidemic: Solving the Crisis

How to Solve the Opioid Crisis by Thaddeus Camlin, Psy.D. In an age when Americans agree on few things, an issue that unites us toward a common goal could be deeply and profoundly healing. On the costs of the opioid