Looking for Inpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment in San Diego?

sober woman in outpatient drug rehabWe have a solution.

Practical Recovery used to offer residential treatment for problematic addictive behavior. However, the treatment industry and healthcare insurance have had many recent changes. These changes suggest to us that the client we are of most help to is a better fit for our innovative alternative to residential treatment: Individualized Intensive Outpatient (IIOP). We have offered the IIOP since the late 1990’s. The IIOP appears to remain unavailable at any other US treatment facility.

The IIOP can be much less expensive than attending traditional rehab. Typically IIOP fees range from $3K-$4K per week (plus food and lodging). At IIOP you receive the highest quality psychological and optional psychiatric care with complete flexibility around every aspect of scheduling and services. You receive more psychological care than in almost any rehab (3-4 individual sessions per day). For selected individuals the IIOP is the treatment of choice.

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How is IIOP different than inpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment?

While inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs vary, most will be similar in that they offer a residential rehab environment where individuals can seek treatment. Clients live and spend the majority of their day on the premises. Whether in an institutional setting such as a hospital or campus, or a private home, clients eat, sleep, receive treatment and spend a portion of their recreational hours onsite. This allows for an insulating effect from the outside world, including the removal of triggers such as drugs, alcohol and certain individuals who may influence use.

Our innovative IIOP option offers the same intensity of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, except clients attend treatment in an outpatient setting. This allows for more flexibility and more freedom, and is often an effective means of treatment for most individuals.

Why would I choose IIOP as an alternative to inpatient drug and alcohol rehab?

For some people, inpatient rehab is an appealing option because it provides a safe and structured environment in which substances are not allowed. If you doubt your ability to abstain, during inpatient rehab you can gain and begin practicing the tools necessary for recovery from drugs and/or alcohol, before returning to the regular world.

Perhaps you would benefit from the intensity of inpatient rehab, but you do not need insulation from the regular world. One of the most innovative services Practical Recovery provides is an alternative to residential treatment, the IIOP (individualized intensive outpatient). This approach is suitable for selected individuals. IIOP is often less expensive and always more private than inpatient rehab. Within the IIOP model we can create an approach to treatment to suit almost anyone, including the option of completely private treatment. The IIOP provides highly intensive treatment, while you live in the regular world (at home in San Diego or in a hotel or other temporary housing). Call us for details.

Does IIOP work better than inpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment?

While inpatient rehab (or its alternatives) is by no means a cure for addiction or a miracle treatment, many people have benefited from it. Inpatient rehab provides a safe and structured environment in which to address issues. IIOP offers the same intensity of residential treatment, in an outpatient setting. It can serve as something of a “jump start” to recovery from addiction. At Practical Recovery, we do not advertise a specific success rate or make claims about our ability to cure addiction. Whether or not inpatient rehab or our IIOP option “works” depends largely on an individual’s goals, as well as his or her own efforts. Practical Recovery provides the opportunity and tools for recovery from addictive substances and behaviors, and works with clients to help them meet their individual goals.

How does the length of IIOP treatment compare to inpatient rehab?

Residential programs often require a stay of 30-90 days and the resident lives on site for the full duration of treatment.

Practical Recovery’s IIOP is fully flexible. We customize your treatment plan according to your situation and goals. Due to the intensity of IIOP treatment, many clients find 10-21 days of treatment to be sufficient. Not only is the length of treatment flexible, many clients appreciate the freedom of being able to live where they choose and fully participate in their lives outside of treatment.

IIOP is likely to have less impact on your job compared to inpatient rehab.

Many clients come to us, wondering how they can attend residential treatment without losing their job. After all, not everyone can take a month or longer off from work to tend to personal matters. What we tell clients in this situation is this: It is illegal to fire an employee in California for seeking addiction treatment. Just like any other health-related issue is protected by HIPAA, so too is the choice to seek drug and alcohol treatment.

However, our IIOP allows for a shorter length of treatment. So while a client might need 30-90 days to attend another program, many of our IIOP clients are able to complete their treatment in an average of just 10-21 days. With a shorter length of treatment, it is possible to use vacation time to cover an absence from work, rather than taking leave.

IIOP is likely to have less impact on your family compared to inpatient drug rehab.

This is another common concern among our clients. Many people are worried about their family when they decide to go into residential drug and alcohol treatment, especially when children are involved. This concern is completely understandable! It is important to remember, however, that deciding to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction is a contribution to the entire family.

IIOP combines a shorter, very intense course of treatment with the ability to live offsite. This minimizes the time spent away from family, thereby reducing the negative impact on the family. Even though the decision can be a difficult one, clients should feel good about going to rehab. Furthermore, in many instances it is possible to bring family with you, and enjoy a vacation in San Diego.

What are the benefits of attending our alternative to residential rehab in San Diego, California?

California offers a scenic setting for rehab. If you elect to stay in a nearby hotel or apartment during the course of your treatment, our office is just minutes away from the beach and close to many attractions in San Diego. The weather is temperate, allowing residents to benefit from outdoor activities year-round. Additionally, San Diego is home to over 35 SMART Recovery meetings.

The beauty of San Diego will be helpful, given that your time in therapy sessions will be intense, and you will likely be thinking about your sessions for the rest of  the day (and for a long time after you leave San Diego).