Cue Exposure Therapy Brain Photo

CET: An Empowering Approach to Treatment

Kevin Murphy, Psy.D., discusses how Cue Exposure Treatment can be a self-empowering approach to treating the cravings that perpetuate substance abuse.

domestic violence and substance abuse

Responsibility Lies Within the Hands of Us All

Substance abuse and domestic violence often go hand in hand. Here, Jessica Yaffa discusses the responsibility we all have in mitigating the epidemic that is domestic violence.

motivational interviewing of a sober business man

Motivational Interviewing and Harm Reduction

Dr. Horvath looks at the inconsistency of acceptance between two similar approaches to addiction treatment; motivational interviewing and harm reduction.

sober woman contemplating forgiveness

The Benefits of Forgiveness

We all know forgiveness is helpful. But what we may not realize is that it has health benefits and may even help us more than the person that hurt us.

addiction treatment tools

State-of-the-Art Technology (from the 70’s!)

With so many tools available to help count and record behaviors, it’s surprising this tool from the 70’s is still considered state-of-the-art!

addiction recovery sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep

Addiction can cause an imbalance in your life. Balancing important aspects of your life during sobriety can increase your chances to feel satisfied and avoid relapse.

Lasagna Bolognese with Kale and Spinach

Our lovely chef, Sarah, and her kitchen staff have served up another delicious recipe for us to try! Lasagna Bolognese with Kale and Spinach. Serves 8 Ingredients: Sauce: 1/4 cup olive oil 3 oz of pancetta, finely diced 1 onion

alcohol-free memorial day weekend

4 Tips for a Fun and Alcohol-free Memorial Day Weekend!

Alcohol at summer events can be unavoidable, so here are some tips to enjoy the sunshine, without compromising your goals.

Nikki Wiedlund Non 12 Step addiction treatment

Client Relations at Its Finest

We asked our very own Nikki Wiedlund to provide a glimpse into her role as Client Relations Manager. Clearly, her skills are a display of client relations management at its finest!

Ethics and Addiction Treatment

Ethics and Boundaries in Addiction Treatment

Residential addiction treatment can be vulnerable to boundary crossing between resident and professional. Dr. Horvath discusses ways in which to minimize the possibility of blurred lines.